On the Runway - Melissa Torres (PC Alumna Spotlight)

Melissa Torres Designs
Menswear (Phoenix Fashion Week 2016)
Melissa Torres Design at PC Fields of Interest Fair
September 13, 2019

What did you love the most about your time at Phoenix College?

I really enjoyed the hands-on experience and the special techniques we learned from experts in the business such as pad stitching in tailoring, hand painting designs on textiles and digital design using Adobe Illustrator just to name a few. My instructors were always helpful and really took the time to teach me in a way I could comprehend. 

How did PC prepare you for your current career?

I am still working my full-time job as a Marketing Coordinator in Downtown Phoenix but I am working on building my design business on the side. PC prepared me by teaching me the skills I needed to bring my designs to life. Char Brandom also has great connections in the Fashion Design industry and is very knowledgeable about design construction and is always there to help!   My current position is a Marketing Coordinator with Hines @ Renaissance Square in Downtown Phoenix. My design company is called Melissa Torres. You can find me on Facebook. 

Melissa Torres Designs in Photos

The wedding photo on the right is my wedding in April 2019. I designed and made all the dresses you see there. I also designed and made the dress I am modeling in Jamaica. The red gown is one of the dresses I'm working on for my upcoming show. The picture labeled "menswear" is an ensemble I created for Phoenix Fashion Week in 2016.

What's the latest news?

I recently showcased one of my gowns at the Phoenix College Fields of Interest (FOI) Fair for the Visual & Performing Arts FOI.

I am excited about an upcoming fashion show at the Renaissance Square on September 27th where I will be showcasing 10 dress designs. This is my intro to the world as a Designer. I am very excited and I invite you and others in the Fashion department at PC to attend. I was also recently selected to submit two of my designs to walk the runway on Community Night at Phoenix Fashion Week. The event is on Thursday, October 3rd and I am one of 14 Community Night Designers. My hopes are that my design business will soar after these shows. 

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