A Sign of Success - A Bear Scholar Success Story

August 28, 2019

The jubilant sounds of her husband, friends, and children cheering were the music Jennifer Sabori heard as she walked across the stage in May 2019 to receive her Associate of Science in Interpreter Preparation degree from Phoenix College. It was the final culmination to several years of hard work and perseverance.

At times, studying for exams, completing coursework, working a job, and raising three small children might have been enough to make her consider dropping out of school, but like so many students at Phoenix College, Sabori did not give up on her dreams.

“I would like to tell other women that there is no better time than now. It is easy to post-date things, saying you will do it later, when you have more time; but the reality is there will never be a perfect time.”  - Jennifer Sabori ‘19

Sabori is also a proud graduate of the Phoenix College Bear Scholarship Program. Early in her college career, Sabori was chosen to represent Phoenix College as a Bear Scholar. Bear Scholars receive tuition assistance and an alumni mentor for the length of their Phoenix College career.  Sabori was fortunate to be paired with PC alumna, Patricia Tate ’70 as her mentor.

“Jennifer was well deserving of all the support Phoenix College could afford. She is the perfect example of who community colleges serve best – people who know what they want and are juggling a zillion things to achieve it!” Patricia Tate (PC Alumni Association Advisory Council Member and Bear Scholar Mentor)

Read about Sabori and Tate’s incredible mentor relationship here.

“Having someone [Patricia Tate] who has insight into my career, who has gone through similar struggles and has that inside perspective, someone I can talk to get feedback from was invaluable.” – Jennifer Sabori ‘19

Now that she has successfully completed her course of study at Phoenix College, Sabori is looking forward to her future career goals. In December 2019, Sabori will complete her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration through Northern Arizona State University’s (NAU) 90/30 program. Students can transfer up to 90 lower division credits to NAU and must complete only 30 upper division credits through NAU to earn a bachelor’s degree.

The degree at PC prepared me for my Provisional C License. I can now apply to agencies and practice my skills in American Sign Language interpreting. Within five years of graduating PC, I want to take the national test (NIC) and eventually, pursue a Master’s Degree in Communication.”  - Jennifer Sabori ‘19

During her time at PC, Sabori experienced life in a post-secondary education setting and fell in love with learning. Her career goal is to work as an interpreter in medical and post-secondary settings. She was also fortunate to become familiar with interpreting in a post-secondary college environment during her PC internship.

“My Ah-Ha moment came when I was interpreting in a science class. Science is so content based and dependent on terminology that I had to do a lot of work outside the internship to study the material. It was like I was taking the class myself! I studied the textbooks, listened to science lectures in American Sign Language, and practiced signing math conversion factors – all to help my student. When I saw the student understand how I was interpreting, I felt that I can do it if I put in the work! The goal of interpreting is that the student understands the lecture in the same way that the other students in the class were learning. The goal of interpreting is equal access.” – Jennifer Sabori ‘19

Sabori credits her success to her supportive spouse, children, family members, PC instructors, and her mentor, Patricia Tate.  She is a living example to her children – not just by telling them about the importance of education but by actively showing them.

“My children are a big part of who I am and how I got to this point.” – Jennifer Sabori ‘19

The Phoenix College Alumni Association is proud to support Jennifer Sabori through her education goals at PC and wishes her continued success in her career.

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