Alumni Profile - Lee Perreira, Musician - Going the Distance

February 28, 2019

Lee Perreira, PC alumni class of 2010, runs his music career like a marathon, something he knows a bit about after running one last year. Much like a long-distance runner, Perreira takes each musical accomplishment in stride and enjoys looking back on the distance he has traveled. (#marathonmusician video)

Starting Line

He’s been playing music since he was 12 years old and later hit his stride performing Nirvana and Pearl Jam during his time at Apollo High School in Glendale. After high school, he picked up speed and pushed himself out of his comfort zone. Today, his music is a soulful mix of several genres and recording executives haven’t been able to fit Perreira into a single music genre. Perreira prefers it that way.

“I embrace it. I’ve been blessed to have a journey that has led me to be a singer-songwriter and a full-band rock ‘n’ roll frontman. I enjoy expressing both sides of it. I’m blessed I get to play with awesome musicians who push me to be better.” – Lee Perreira

Work Hard, Run Hard

Perreira creates his own career momentum and describes himself as a worker, putting his head down and playing restaurants, bars and clubs around town. He performs at over 300 venues and events per year nationally and just released his album, “What’s that Gotta Do with My Dreams?”

Recently, he opened for James Bay and opened and played with Buddy Guy. He’s also been part of the music lineup with memorable bands like Gary Clark Jr., Train, INXS, The Fray, Foo Fighters, and Journey.

Solid Performance Takes Dedicated Training

Perreira spent his time at Phoenix College immersed in the music program.

“When I was a student at PC, I would go to so many performances. It provided an opportunity for me to see some cool, funky jazz fusion shows. They would take questions from students. It changed my life. I give back because Phoenix College taught me what it was like to be a professional.” – Lee Perreira

Today, Perreira is giving back to the educational institution that shaped who he is as a musician. As a singer-songwriter, he came back to campus in January 2019 to speak to current music majors during a studio class and performed a lecture concert in Sessions Recital Hall, which was open to students, alumni, and the community.

Karl Schindler, Phoenix College Department Chair of Fine & Performing Arts, remembers Perreira as a student even though it was almost a decade ago.

“He was older than the typical student. He had already been playing and performing. He wanted to become a technically better player when he came to PC. He had a great attitude and was always willing to learn. We welcome alumni to share how they’ve been successful with students.” – Karl Schindler

Focusing on the End Goal

And where is the finish line for Perreira? “I’m happy where I am right now, but my goal is to be enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and be the best musician and songwriter I can be and take it as far as it can go.” – Lee Perreira

To learn more about how you can give back to Phoenix College through sharing your talent, contact Christy Flora, Development Officer.

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