Phoenix College Highlight - Student - Ibrahim Piti Ibrahim

Students are the heart behind Phoenix College. Their passion, dedication, and stories help create our diverse community. Throughout the year, we want to take a moment and recognize them and share with you their stories. 

Today we conduct some Weird Science and sit down with Phoenix College student, Ibrahim Piti Ibrahim and learn about his journey to PC.


Ibrahim Piti Ibrahim


Associates in Science and Arts

What's your story (Tell us a little about yourself)?

I was born and raised in East Africa, Ethiopia. I resided to the United States for better opportunities for my education.

How did you get to PC?  

After moving to Arizona on September 24, 2015, I took my time to do research on good community colleges. Thankfully, I found out it was the top college (in my opinion) regarding professors, which for me is the key to educational excellence. I chose PC because the Professors have higher ratings, there were outstanding Bio-medical science programs and laboratories, and my family and friends recommended it.

What was your time like at PC?

I loved my time at Phoenix College. I also appreciate all of the programs PC offered to help in and out of the classroom. Those include STEM Grants, Faculty mentoring, guidance on how to approach studies, counseling, and different clubs. I was fortunate enough to give the Valedictorian speech at our commencement.  

Any advice you would give to future PC students?

Use your resources wisely, always engage with your professors, and if you’re confused about life (you’ll be at some point), reach out to counseling.

About Phoenix College

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