The 2019 Phi Beta Lambda Winter Leadership Conference Results

The 2019 Phi Beta Lambda Winter Leadership Conference hosted by the Phoenix College chapter on Saturday, February 2 was a success! 

In addition to Phoenix College, five other colleges competed, including ASU, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Central Arizona College, Eastern Arizona College, and DeVry University.

Dr. Larry Johnson, Phoenix College President, opened the conference with inspiring remarks, followed by a presentation on leadership by our keynote speaker, Juan Mendez, Arizona State Senator, District 26. Co-advisers, Doug Northway and Brenda Maynard, organized the event, with the help of the Phoenix College Phi Beta Lambda student members.


Here are the final results: 

Performance Events:

  • Business Decision Making,1st Place Team, Lucero Vargas and Chiao Chen Wang
  • Job Interview: 1st Place, Marlene Arvizo
  • Public Speaking, 2nd Place, Christopher Sanchez


Written Tests:

  • Business Communication, 2nd Place, Christopher Sanchez and 3rd Place, Lucero Vargas
  • Computer Concepts, 2nd Place, Eulalio Hernandez
  • Financial Concepts, 3rd Place, Eulalio Hernandez
  • Human Resource Management, 2nd Place, Lucero Vargas
  • Information Management, 2nd Place, Christopher Sanchez
  • Justice Administration, 3rd Place, Chiao Chen Wang
  • Marketing Concepts, 1st Place, Kyle Hessler
  • Networking Concepts, 1st Place, Marlene Arvizo
  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership, 1st Place, Marlene Arvizo and 3rd Place, Chiao Chen Wang
  • Personal Finance, 1st Place, Eulalio Hernandez
  • Statistical Analysis, 1st Place, Nam (Nick) Nguyen 


Here are the students from Phoenix College who participated:

  • Lucero Vargas
  • Eulalio Hernandez
  • Nam (Nick) Nguyen
  • Christopher Sanchez
  • Marlene Arvizo
  • Chiao Chen Wang
  • Kyle Hessler 
  • Doug Northway (adviser).

Congratulations to everyone!

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