Social Justice Calendar

Social Justice Calendar

Join PC’s Social Justice Organization for a semester full of mind-expanding events.

Fishbowl Series

Drug Addiction Fishbowl January 31st from 10am-11am in the Hacienda Room (F-121)

Homelessness Fishbowl April 19th from 10am-11:15am in the Hacienda Room (F-121)

Explore prejudice, discrimination, and privilege as it relates to various identities. Understand the impact prejudice and discrimination have on individuals and society. Learn from others about their challenges, joys, differences, common objectives, and misunderstandings. Identify techniques to address prejudice and discrimination to help build a more inclusive society.


Living Library

February 27th & 28th from 10am-2pm in Bulpitt Auditorium

The Living Library event is like a regular library, where readers borrow books for a short period of time.

BUT... In this library the books are people - community members, civic leaders, individuals from all backgrounds and experiences - who agree to sit down with readers and have a personal conversation.

Books in the Human Library represent groups frequently confronted with prejudices and stereotypes, victims of discrimination or social exclusion.


Tunnel of Oppression

March 28th from 9am – 3:00pm & 5pm-7:30pm in the North Gym

Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive theater and sensory-based multimedia experience.

The program highlights contemporary issues of oppression and is designed to challenge participants to think more deeply about oppression, privilege, and power. Participants walk through different scenes designed to display oppression of marginalized groups. At the completion of the Tunnel, participants will participate in a processing session, where they will discuss the experience and learn how they can rethink their role in creating positive social change.


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